Building a Culturally Competent Workforce to Care for Diverse Older Adults: Scope of the Problem and Potential Solutions

Vyjeyanthi S. Periyakoil
Journal Article
May 2019

This resource identifies challenges faced by older adults from racial and ethnic minorities, and proposes several strategies to address them.

  • Older adults from racial and ethnic minorities face persistent health disparities and multiple barriers to accessing services.
  • The barriers fall into three categories: patient‐related, clinician‐related, and health system–related.
  • The authors recommend implementing culturally and linguistically appropriate services; training all clinicians in culturally competent care; and implementing task shifting and training multiethnic CHWs.
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Population Addressed
People with Advanced Illness
Frail Older Adults
People with Multiple Chronic Conditions
People with Behavioral Health and Social Needs
Key Questions Answered
  • What are the barriers to services faced by older adults from racial and ethnic minorities?
  • What are some strategies to overcome them?
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Expert Opinion
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