Better Care Playbook: Redesigned to Help You Better Redesign Care

By the Playbook staff

Health care stakeholders across the nation are increasingly looking to improve health outcomes and lower health care costs for individuals with complex medical, behavioral health, and social needs by providing innovative, value-based care. Yet, it can be challenging for complex care stakeholders — including providers, health systems, payers, and policymakers, among others — to easily access resources on evidence-based and promising practices to inform the design and implementation of complex care programs.

Since 2017, the Better Care Playbook has served as an online resource for complex care stakeholders looking to find evidence-based and promising practices for improving care. It is made possible by seven leading health care foundations — Arnold Ventures, The Commonwealth Fund, The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Milbank Memorial Fund, Peterson Center on Healthcare, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The SCAN Foundation.

New and Improved to Serve You Better

Today, we’re introducing a revamped Playbook to make it even easier to help health care stakeholders find what works for their unique populations, care teams, and settings. New features include:

Spreading the Knowledge to Advance Complex Care

By combining evidence-based and promising strategies for complex care with practical tools and first-person perspectives and success stories, the Playbook is designed to facilitate peer sharing among complex care stakeholders and accelerate improvements in care for people with complex needs across the country.

The Playbook wouldn’t be what it is without the willingness of those in the field to share their achievements (and challenges) with others. We encourage you to share your complex care successes and “aha moments” with us by submitting peer-reviewed research, case examples, reports, and implementation tools on your program, and also welcome emerging perspectives for our blog.