Achieving Health Equity in Palliative Care Toolkit

Center to Advance Palliative Care
Implementation Tool
September 2022


Toolkit to help palliative care professionals better understand current disparities in palliative care outcomes and design more equitable, patient-centered care approaches.


People of color, people with lower incomes, and LGBTQ+ individuals with serious illness experience barriers to accessing palliative care and worse care quality and outcomes. This toolkit is designed to support palliative care providers in understanding their role in advancing health equity, with a focus on improving the quality of care for patients of color and LGBTQ+ patients.


The toolkit includes case studies, communications tools, and clinical resources for providers. The resources address topics such as: incorporating cultural humility in palliative care; addressing social determinants of health; and improving accessibility and inclusivity.


Providers can apply these tools to advance a more equitable approach to palliative care, with the goal of expanding access to culturally-sensitive palliative care that relieves suffering.

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