The ASAM Criteria Assessment Interview Guide

American Society of Addiction Medicine and the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
Implementation Tool
February 2022


This free, paper-based version of the nationally-recognized ASAM Criteria assessment is available to clinicians to increase the quality and consistency of patient assessments and treatment recommendations for people with substance use disorder (SUD).


The ASAM Criteria is a nationally recognized tool designed to bring standardization to assessment, service planning, and level of care planning in the U.S. Because this version is free and paper-based, it is accessible to all clinicians and will be particularly helpful to those who lack access to digital platforms.

About this Tool

This multidimensional assessment guide includes assessment questions and forms from the ASAM Criteria. The dimensions include: acute intoxication or withdrawal potential; biomedical condition and complications; emotional, behavioral, or cognitive conditions and complications; readiness to change; relapse, continued use, or continued problem potential; recovery/living environment.


This addiction treatment resource supports increased quality and consistency of patient assessments and individualized, patient-centered care.

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