Assessing the Impact of Complex Care Models: Opportunities to Fill in the Gaps

Karla Silverman
Tamara Dumanovsky
May 2021


This resource includes patient- and staff-reported measures to help complex care programs better understand the impacts of interventions.


Numerous studies have clarified the need to evaluate complex care programs with nuanced measures that go beyond cost, utilization, and standard clinical outcomes to better understand program impact. Advancing Integrated Models, an initiative led by the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS), is piloting a set of patient- and staff-reported measures to assess the quality and delivery of care in complex care models. This resource includes measures for stakeholders looking to improve the health and well-being for people with complex health and social needs and details the process used to create these measures for the organizations in the initiative.

About this Tool

CHCS and Joslyn Levy & Associates partnered to build the measures library, with an evaluation advisory committee that reviewed measures addressing the following domains:

The measures library includes 26 patient-reported and 32 staff-reported measures that were selected, modified, or created through this process as led by the committee. The resource also contains measurement considerations for complex care programs.


Health care organizations and care teams can explore adopting relevant measures from this library to augment their current evaluation efforts and better understand the impact of complex care programs. Local context should be considered before using these measures.

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