Blueprint for Complex Care: Advancing the Field of Care for Individuals with Complex Health and Social Needs

Mark Humowiecki
Teagan Kuruna
Rebecca Sax
Margaret Hawthorne
Allison Hamblin
Stefanie Turner
Kedar S. Mate
Cory Sevin
Kerri Cullen
Implementation Tool
December 2018

This resource outlines the current state of complex care and recommendations for the future. 

  • To advance the field of complex care, three organizations—the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers’ National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, the Center for Health Care Strategies, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement—came together to create the Blueprint for Complex Care. 
  • Based on a literature review, interviews, surveys, and an expert meeting, the partners identified ten near-term priorities for strengthening the field of complex care.
  • Recommendations include developing core competencies and quality measures; promoting integrated, cross-sector data infrastructures, and creating a field coordination structure that facilitates systems-level change. 
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