Building Partnerships with Community Members to Advance Public Health

The Camden Coalition
Implementation Tool
August 2023


Health care organizations can use this toolkit to develop community ambassador/liaison programs — programs that train community members to serve as a bridge between communities and the organizations that sever them.


Community members can play a key role in supporting health care organizations in understanding the unique needs and assets of the communities they serve. Community ambassador/liaison programs train and compensate community members to disseminate essential public health messages within their community and relay feedback and concerns to the health care organization.

About this Tool

This toolkit shares learnings from the Camden Coalition’s Community Ambassador program and offers a framework and step-by-step guidance for health care organizations developing a community ambassador/liaison program. Supplemental materials are provided, including:

  • Sample program overview and recruitment flyers
  • Sample finance forms, including a budget template
  • Sample onboarding guide for ambassadors


Community members possess valuable insights into the unique needs and strengths of their communities, making them essential partners in public health efforts. Health care organizations can use this toolkit to learn practical strategies for how the Camden Coalition implemented a community ambassador program and use the guidance provided to develop a similar program within their own organization.  

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