Building the Value Case for Complex Care Toolkit

Lauran Hardin
Mark Humowiecki
Victoria Sale
Implementation Tool
September 2021


This toolkit can support health care organizations in creating the business case for complex care programs.


Complex care programs need adequate funding to be successful. Leaders in the field need to know how to communicate the value of these programs to the various stakeholders within their organizations and external funders, partners, and payers. This toolkit, informed from interviews with over 100 health and social system innovators, can help health care organizations create the business case for complex care programs in fee-for-service or value-based payment environments.

About this Tool

The toolkit contains information, downloadable worksheets, and practical resources to help organizations:

  • Lay the groundwork for complex care programs, such as definitions, populations of interest, guiding principles, and evolving financial models;
  • Understand value-based payment concepts and an organization’s financial incentives to choose the right population of interest;
  • Collaborate with finance departments;
  • Determine key processes and metrics that will meet the needs of stakeholders;
  • Demonstrate return on investment and value beyond cost savings;
  • Create a pitch deck to share successes; and
  • Identify funding sources and opportunities.


Health system leaders and providers can use this toolkit to understand what is needed to create a tailored business case for their complex care program.

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