Community-Based Organization Services Evidence Bank

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August 2023
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Curated collection of research studies highlights the efficacy of services provided by community-based organizations, with a focus on outcomes relevant to health care partners.


Community-based organizations and health care entities often struggle with contracting due to the lack of data around the effectiveness of programs. Health care entities and community-based organizations (CBOs) are increasingly partnering to deliver home- and community-based services and other evidence-based services for older adults, many of whom have chronic health conditions and disabilities. These partnerships can focus on addressing the health-related social needs of older adults, reducing health disparities, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations, and supporting older adults to remain in their homes as long as possible.  This resource center supports the growing body of evidence demonstrating the positive impact of CBO-provided services on health outcomes, quality of life, health care costs, and other key measures.

About this Tool

The Aging and Disability Business Institute’s Evidence Bank is updated on a bimonthly basis to include the latest research studies demonstrating the positive impact of services commonly provided by community-based organizations. Users can filter articles by date, service type, target population, and outcomes as well as submit research articles they’d like the evidence base to include.


This robust evidence-based resource center demonstrates the positive impact of CBO-provided services on health outcomes, health care costs, and other key outcomes. It can serve as a valuable tool for stakeholders seeking to sustain or enhance support for partnerships between health care organizations and CBOs. Additionally, CBOs can use this evidence to engage with health sector partners to explore potential contracting opportunities.   

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