Community Member Engagement Resource Center

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October 2023
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This resource center offers guidance to help Medicaid stakeholders engage community members in policy and program design development, especially as a means of increasing health equity.


Medicaid stakeholders at the federal, state, and local levels increasingly recognize that Medicaid members should be part of the decision-making processes behind the care they receive. As such, state agencies, managed care organizations, and health care providers need information on how to best partner with community members.

About This Tool

This resource center features an array of best practices, including examples of successful community engagement strategies — from informal channels to structured governing bodies, like community advisory committees. Community members bring a unique perspective to the table and can contribute a tremendous amount to guide policymaking and implementation decisions. The tool offers interested stakeholders guidance on where to begin, implementations strategies to put community engagement into practice, and testimonies that provide valuable insight that other data cannot.


Health care providers can use this free resource center to learn how to engage directly with people served by Medicaid to inform more effective policy and program design, resulting in higher quality, more equitable care. 

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