Complex Care Startup Toolkit

Implementation Tool
June 2021


Contains practical guides, tools, and other resources for developing complex care programs.


Creating a complex care program can be challenging due to the cross-sector nature of the work. This comprehensive toolkit can help organizational and program leaders develop complex care programs to improve care for individuals with complex health and social needs. 

About this Tool

The toolkit contains resources related to six topic areas for starting up a complex care program: (1) program design; (2) program operations; (3) data and process improvement; (4) team and leadership development; (5) community mapping and collaboration; and (6) communication and program scaling. The toolkit includes considerations for implementation as well as practical resources for each topic. Examples of resources include needs assessment tools, logic model templates, budget and financial planning tools, team-based care courses, story collection documents, and health information exchange forms, policies, and procedures. The first update, the Complex Care Startup Toolkit 2.0, was published in August 2022, which added new resources on business development, advocacy, and more.


Stakeholders looking for practical resources for building a complex care program can use this toolkit as a starting point.

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