Data-Driven Decision Making for Opioid Settlements

Sam Repka
Kristen Ukeomah
Frank McStay
Rob Saunders
Implementation Tool
August 2023


The Opioid Abatement Needs and Investment tool provides data to state and local policymakers to support decision-making on allocation of opioid settlement funds.


The Opioid Abatement Needs and Investment (OANI) tool is an interactive database that houses publicly available state- and county-level data that can be used to understand community needs and areas of strength related to addressing the opioid epidemic. The tool includes indicator data related to opioid dependency within communities in five social determinant of health domains: economic stability, education, health care, environment, and social. It also includes tailored resource guides to support priority-setting conversations for opioid settlement funds.

About this Tool

The OANI tool provides several key functions including: (1) promoting access to essential data and indicators related to opioid dependency within communities; (2) encouraging collaboration and shared learning through resources; and (3) providing recovery investment opportunities to support community-based opioid response.


The OANI tool can assist state and county policymakers in more effectively allocating opioid settlement funding for their communities.

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