HCCIntelligence: Tools and Tip Sheets

Implementation Tool
June 2021


Downloadable tools, tip sheets, sample forms, and how-to guides on home-based primary care, with a focus on clinical and operational best practices.


Home-based primary care (HBPC) delivers primary care to people who have complex medical conditions and functional limitations that make it difficult to attend office visits. The Home Centered Care Institute is a national non-profit organization focused on ensuring that chronically ill, medically complex, and homebound patients have access to high-quality primary care in their home. This resource center contains various tools for implementing HBPC. (Note, while resources on this site do not require payment, downloading these resources requires registering for an account).

About this Tool

Resources on the Home Centered Care Institute Tools and Tip Sheets resource center are designed for use by practice leaders and interdisciplinary team members in HBPC programs. Examples of resources include sample forms on topics such as patient communication and professional resources for homebound patients; agendas for interdisciplinary team meetings; clinical resources on topics such as infection control and suggested equipment and supplies for HBPC; and practice operations resources on topics such as meeting with payers and recruiting patients.


This resource center can support HBPC practice leadership and team members to identify and implement clinical and operational best practices for HBPC programs.

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