Health Care Transformation Task Force Value Partnership Evaluation Tool

Implementation Tool
March 2019

This resource, the Partnership Evaluation Tool, is intended to help organizations assess readiness to engage in successful value-based partnerships. It can be used to assess potential partners or for self-assessment.

  • This tool is designed around a set of core competencies determined to be necessary for successful partnerships.
  • Evaluators can use the Tool to assess potential partners – including providers, payers, and purchasers – on these competencies, as well as for self-assessment.
  • Because organizations may change over time, it is advised that the tool be redeployed at various stages (e.g., at least annually) throughout a partnership.
  • The tool is available for free download on the website.
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Key Questions Answered
  • What are the core competencies necessary for successful value-based partnerships?
  • How can an organization assess itself and potential partners on these competencies?
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