Implementation Toolkit: Patient Priorities Care

Implementation Tool
October 2022


This toolkit can help providers and health systems better tailor care to fit the goals of each patient.


Patient Priorities Care is an approach to health care decision-making that allows patients and clinicians to focus their decision-making and health care on what matters most to patients. Created by clinicians, patients, caregivers, health system leaders, and payers, PPC is best suited for older adults who must manage multiple conditions. 

About this Tool

This toolkit includes resources to support health systems to integrate Patient Priorities Care at a practice or system level by addressing clinician workflows and staff training. Relevant materials include a decisional guidance tool, consultation scripts, billing code guidance, and patient-facing materials.


Using a Patient Priorities Care approach can help providers identify patient health priorities and then align care with these priorities. This toolkit can better equip providers to implement these strategies and more meaningfully engage patients in their own care.

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