Person-Centered Engagement at the Organizational Level

Renée Markus Hodin
Julia Watson
Katie Green
Joshua Traylor
Clare Pierce-Wrobel
Megan Zook
Implementation Tool
January 2020


This change package contains strategies, tips, and case studies to assist health care stakeholders in building meaningful, person-centered engagement in their organizations.


As health care organizations strive to provide more person-centered and value-driven care, they need to successfully engage patients, families, and communities. Although many organizations increasingly see the value of patient engagement in improving direct patient care and organizational decisions, there is still a knowledge gap on how to make these changes at all levels of an organization. This change package provides a practical guide for a variety of health care stakeholders who are interested in building meaningful, person-centered consumer engagement into their organizations.

About this Tool

This tool outlines organizational-level consumer engagement activities under three categories:  

  • The planning section details the key components of initial consumer engagement work, such as gaining leadership buy-in, choosing engagement strategies, and determining resources like staff time and financial investment.
  • The implementation section highlights considerations for applying the chosen engagement strategies, such as recruitment of consumer participants; and
  • The scaling section offers information on spreading engagement strategies across different departments, service lines, and delivery sites, such as establishing standardized resources for organizational-wide adoption of engagement strategies.


Health care organizations can use this tool to understand how to incorporate consumer engagement into their organizational structures and what impact it will have on the communities they serve. 

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