Providing Non-Medical Supplemental Benefits in Medicare Advantage

November 2020

Non-medical supplemental benefits are a significant turning point in Medicare policy, but understanding their potential will require much more coordination and collaboration among Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, providers, policymakers, and consumers than ever before. To further accelerate adoption of these benefits, this brief lays out a step-by-step process for plans and providers in implementing these benefit offerings based on early lessons from plans and providers that have already implemented these benefits. The brief also details the context around supplemental benefits in MA and provides examples from plans that offer these new benefits.


The five practical steps in the roadmap include:

  1. Building Internal Support and Consensus;
  2. Building the Provider-Plan Relationship;
  3. Designing, Targeting, and Pricing Benefits;
  4. Educating Members and Staff and Implementing Benefits; and
  5. Learning and Improving Benefits over Time.

These activities are paired with common challenges and solutions to those challenges. In addition, there is an accompanying brief specifically designed for policymakers that highlights short and long-term policy opportunities to enhance these benefits and increase benefit utilization. 

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