Quick Reference Guide to Promising Care Models

Tanya Shah
Corinne Lewis
Mekdes Tsega
Melinda Abrams
February 2019

Based on a review of the evidence, the Quick Reference Guide to Promising Care Models offers summary information on 28 programs for adults with complex needs, specifically:

  • Target population and subpopulations served by the model
  • Key features of the model associated with person-centered care
  • Outcomes and impact

Acknowledgements: The authors thank Meredith Brown and Jamie Ryan who helped to develop the original Quick Reference Guide in December 2016, as well as Allison Hamblin, senior vice president; Jim Lloyd, program officer; and Sarah Rabot, program analyst from the Center for Health Care Strategies for assistance collecting and verifying information for the guide.

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Key Questions Answered
  • What are examples of highly promising models with solid evidence?
  • What does the evidence show, and how can I find the best studies about these models?
  • What are the key attributes of successful models?
  • Which subpopulations do these promising models target?
  • How widespread are these promising models?
Level of Evidence
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