The Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator: The Business Case and Person-Centered Care

Victor Tabbush
Dan Otto
Implementation Tool
November 2016

This Excel-based calculator assists health care organizations to quantify the business case for providing person-centered care (PCC) for older adults and those with complex needs. PCC for older adults with multiple chronic conditions and functional limitations is defined by the American Geriatrics Society as health care and social provisions where individuals’ values and preferences are elicited and, once expressed, guide all aspects of their health care. Operationally, this definition emphasizes that PCC is best achieved through a collaborative relationship and decision-making process between the person, their chosen supports, and their medical providers.

To use the calculator, the user enters data and estimates for costs, revenue enhancements, and medical utilization. Once all the needed information is entered, the calculator runs algorithms to determine the ROI. This calculator helps organizations:

  • Consider the financial implications of incorporating core components of a PCC program, such as an individualized care plan and the formation and coordination of a care team;
  • Build and present the business case for PCC for organizations already running PCC programs or thinking of starting one; and
  • Identify the factors that most strongly influence ROI.

The ROI Calculator for Partnerships to Address the Social Determinants of Health, which is also featured on the Playbook, builds on this ROI Calculator and assists community-based organizations and their health care partners in creating financial arrangements to fund social services for patients with complex needs.

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