Telemedicine for Health Equity Toolkit

Center for Care Innovations, UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations, and The Commonwealth Fund
Implementation Tool
June 2021
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This toolkit offers practical recommendations to improve telemedicine interventions to be more equitable for diverse populations, particularly those with low incomes.


Telemedicine has experience exponential growth spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this increase in utilization, it is critical to ensure it is accessible to diverse populations — including those with low incomes — to promote health equity.

About this Tool

This toolkit is designed to help safety-net health systems use telemedicine to promote health equity. It addresses key aspects in telemedicine to better address health inequities, including, for example, Telemedicine Licensure and Reimbursement, Telemedicine Privacy and Safety Concerns, Conducting Safe and Appropriate Telemedicine Visits, and Screening Patients’ Digital Access and Skills for Telemedicine.


While not exclusive to providers serving populations with complex needs, the guidance is highly relevant to complex care. Stakeholders looking for practical guidance to ensure telemedicine promotes health equity for diverse populations, including those with low incomes, can use this toolkit to initiate, expand, or improve their telemedicine programs.

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