Trauma-informed Care Implementation Resource Center


This resource curates resources from experts across the country in the field of trauma-informed care.


  • Health care stakeholders are increasingly recognizing the impact of trauma on health and the value of trauma-informed care. But the logistics of adopting a trauma-informed approach and integrating it into the care setting are less clear.
  • This website seeks to identify how trauma-informed approaches can be practically implemented across the health care sector.
  • It includes information on how organizations are implementing trauma-informed care in different settings; knowledge regarding the impact of trauma on health and trauma-informed care; testimonials from providers; in-the-field examples; and practical strategies and tools.
  • The site will continue to provide a growing inventory of resources to help health care organizations and other stakeholders embrace the potential of trauma-informed care.
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Population Addressed
Adults Under 65 with Disabilities
People with Advanced Illness
Frail Older Adults
People with Multiple Chronic Conditions
People with Behavioral Health and Social Needs
Key Questions Answered
  • What is trauma-informed care and when and why is it needed?
  • How can my organization successfully implement trauma-informed care?
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