Functions of a Mature Community Care Hub

Camden Coalition and Partnership to Align Social Care
Implementation Tool
June 2023
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The community care hub model can support facilitating strong partnerships between community-based organizations and health care organizations.


This report defines the essential functions and roles of a community care hub (CCH), an entity that organizes a network of community-based organizations (CBOs) in the delivery of services addressing health-related social needs (HRSN). CCHs centralize the administrative and operational infrastructure among a diverse network of CBOs and can efficiently bring HRSN services to scale in a way that a single CBO does not have the capacity to do. CCHs common functions include support with contracting, payment/billing, referral management, and monitoring service delivery, among others.

About this Tool

The authors of this report describe six key roles and responsibilities of well-functioning CCHs. These domains include: (1) leadership and governance; (2) strategic business development; (3) network recruitment, engagement, and support; (4) contract administration and compliance; (5) operations; and (6) information technology and security.


CCHs can serve as a bridge between the health care entities, that are seeking to better address the HRSN of their members, and CBOs, that have close social services ties to communities. This report defines the multifaceted functions of CCHs and highlights the model as a valuable approach to integrated care delivery.

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